So, how does it work?

You mail me your song with an idea/description of what you want in terms of sound and drum part/beat. Once I have a take I’m happy with, I send it back to you for your approval. Then I make any alterations you require until we have the ultimate take for your song.

How much will it cost?

This really depends on what you want to get done. Contact us for a quote and keep in mind that we have discount pricing for multiple tracks. One thing we can guarantee is that using Binzer on Drums will be significantly cheaper than hiring a studio, hiring an engineer and hiring a drummer (and less hassle).

What do I need to send you?

The only real requirement we have is that we need a guide track played to a click. It can be a fully produced song or just a rough demo – once it gives us a sense of the overall structure and vibe of the track we are good to go. Alternatively, if you want to send us your Pro Tools, Logic Pro, GarageBand, Harrison Mixbus or Reaper session we are happy to work from those. We will send you a checklist once you are booked in with us.

How will I get the drum tracks to line up in my session?

At Binzer on Drums we take great care to make sure everything lines up perfectly for you. When you are bouncing your guide tracks, make sure to bounce from the very start of the session. Send us that and the BPM you recorded at and we will do the rest. Alternatively, send us your Pro Tools, Logic Pro, GarageBand, Harrison Mixbus or Reaper session and we will send you it back with drums included.

How will I tell you what sort of drum tracks I want?

If you have programmed drum tracks, send us a second guide track with those included. It is also helpful if you send us a list of songs that have a similar drum sound or groove to what you want in your song.

Can I “produce” the tracks?

Totally, in fact we encourage it and want you involved every step of the way. Once we have a clear idea of what you want, we record a take and send it back to you. You let us know what you would like changed and we do another take and send that back to you. This process continues until you have the perfect take. We can also Skype if you want to be involved in real-time production.

What file format do you use?

We usually use WAV file at 24Bit/48kHz, but we can use other formats if you prefer that.

What will I get back from you?

We can provide the drums as processed or raw track, and in whatever file format works best for you. We can also provide a mix down to two tracks if that is what you need. We usually include close mics of every drum as well as overheads and room mics, but if you have specific micing requirements we are happy to do those also. Alternatively, we can send you back a Pro Tools, Logic Pro, GarageBand ,Harrison Mixbus or Reaper session with the drums included.

Do you do percussion also?

Yes, and we don’t charge extra. We normally track whatever percussion we are hearing for the track but if you have specific needs we can do that too. We don’t treat percussion as an afterthought, it’s an integral part of the rhythm tracks.

How will you deliver my completed tracks?

We use Dropbox to send you the tracks but if you would like to use some other similar service we are happy to do that also.

What kind of drum gear do you use?

A full list of drum gear is available here. We have a huge collection of different kits, snares and cymbals.

What is your drum room like?

This is what sets us apart, we have a large live room with a high ceiling and movable baffles designed by SPR Custom (who have also kitted out the world famous Windmill Lane Studios). It is a very versatile room and it sounds great.

What DAW do you use?

We usually work in Pro Tools 10 but we can work in Logic Pro, GarageBand, Harrison Mixbus or Reaper just as easily.

What kind of mics do you use?

It depends on the sound you are after but we have a large selection of mics from AKG, Shure, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and Rode. For full details check our gear list here.

What kind of recording gear do you use?

We track through a selection of different pres, mainly SSL and Focusrite. For outboard compression and EQ we use a selection from SSL and DBX. As for plug-ins – we have loads including Waves, Abbey Road, Sonnox, Massey, Universal Audio, Soundtoys and Slate Digital. The studio has also been custom wired by Genius Move Audio (their previous clients include Basement Jaxx and Mark Ronson). For full details check our gear list here.

Why should I use Binzer on Drums?

Cost – We guarantee you, we are much cheaper than renting a studio, an engineer and a drummer.

Time – We have been making records for a long time now and we can do it quickly and to professional standards. We make sure that the tracks you get are perfect for your song. We don’t send you lots of takes that need to be edited – we send you one perfect take either, live from start to finish or, compiled from the best bits of multiple takes. Binzer On Drums takes the headache out of getting your drum tracks.

Quality – We have a huge selection of drums, snares and cymbals; great recording gear; great mics; and most importantly a great sounding room. Couple that with our experience and attention to detail and we guarantee you will be happy with your drum tracks.

Can’t I just get great tracks from sample and groove libraries?

We don’t think so. Sure technology has come on leaps and bounds but we feel nothing can substitute for the feel a real human being playing specifically for your tracks. Plug-ins can’t adapt to the ebb and flow of your track like a drummer can or bring that one off-beat piece of inspiration that you could never have programmed. It’s the subtleties of human playing that bring a song character – how boring would life be if everything was a stock loop?